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Our Story

Lilah Enjih, founded in 2016 by a couple passionate about mediumistic journeys and the mysteries of invisible worlds, has steadily grown and expanded its horizons in the field of the psyche. Each session begins with an exploration of the Akashic Records to understand your past experiences, present challenges, and future aspirations, ensuring that you leave with real projects and a clear roadmap to achieve your goals.


We offer both offline consultations via email and online sessions for your convenience.

In addition to our consultation services, we invite you to explore our magical boutique, filled with spiritual tools, books, jewellery, and more. These carefully chosen items support your journey of personal and spiritual growth.

Meet The Team

Our team of psychic mediums, composed of four experienced members, is here to highlight your qualities, challenges, and hidden potentials. Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge and intuitive insight, creating a powerful collective that is dedicated to your personal growth and transformation.

We take the time to deeply understand your unique life situation, offering personalized guidance that aligns with your aspirations and needs.


Our approach is holistic, considering not just your current circumstances but also your past experiences and future possibilities. We believe in your inherent ability to transform your life and are committed to helping you recognise and harness this power.


Nidge Eli

General/Akashic/Decrypt the Structures/Couple/

Energetic/Soul Mission


Online Reading Only


Nabathaël Jabathe Orki

Akashic and Chakras Readings


Offline Reading Only


Anita Dickenson

General/ Connect with passed loved ones


Offline Reading Only


Ludmila Javorowcki

Shamanic with Ancestors/Animal Totem


Offline Reading Only

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We look forward to welcoming you to Lilah Enjih and helping you transform your life for the better.

We believe in your potential and are here to help you realise your deepest dreams.

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